FENNECteam is first ever slovenian team participating in charity event Mongol Charity Rally.

It's a charity event under organization of english GO-HELP. Main goal of expedition is to drive vehicle from Europe (in our case, Slovenia) to Ulaan-bataar, capitol of Mongolia. Vehicle is donated to organizations, selected by GO-HELP; usually there are hospitals, fire departments, post offices or special gift to community for transportation of children from village to school in main town. For these organizations we also collect funds, that are donated afterwards.

This year, eleventh time in a row, 150 teams will start from all over Europe on different courses with common goal – safely drive to capital of Mongolia. In our heads we have one way roadtrip, aprox. 13.000 km in lenght, visiting 10 countries on the way, crossing three deserts and five mountain ranges.

We believe that there is still good inside us, and because of that we believe we can make this project successful. After all, it is a lifelong expirience, on the right side of the heart.

We encourage you to regularly check our webpage and social media and become part of the expedition.

Business plan

Project's business plan in slovenian language is avaliable here.


Comunity's codex is published here.


Telefon : 00386 (0)41 264 960
Email :
Twitter : FENNECteam
Facebook : gremovmongolijo

Legal information

Humanitarno društvo Gremo v Mongolijo
Kukovniška pot 5
4290 Tržič

MŠ: 4063805000
DŠ: 82689466

Račun SI56 0700 0000 2094 223


The team

FENNECteam currently consist of Katja Kern, student and Matej Meglič, process manager.


The route

Starting in Slovenija, driving thru Croatia and Serbia to Sofia (Bulgaria) as fast as possible, our plan is to reach Istanbul (Turkey) on second day of travelling (1.500 km on the road already). Ankara (400 km) is next, and then turn to north towards Black Sea (Samsun) and off to Georgia (Batumi, 940 km). Our next stop is capital Tbilisi (370 km). From Tbilisi we will drive straight to Baku (Azerbaijan, 550 km). Next stop is ferry Baku – Aktau (Kazakhstan), what follows is driving atop what once was Aral Sea (2.200 km across Oktyabrsk, Aralsk and Kuzulorda cities). Next stop is Tashkent in Uzbekistan and then back to Kazakhstan for Almaty (900 km), then we will turn north again, for capital Astana (1.200 km). Pavlodar on the Russian border is next stop, then to Gorno-Altaysk (600 km), into Mongolia. Plan is to drive around Altay mountain range all the way to our final destination, Ulaan-bataar.

The day

Our journey will officially start on 10th July 2014.

Organizacija GO-HELP

GO-HELP is british charity organization with goal of improving of education and health in local comunities in middle Asia. Core objectives are:

  • To enable access to primary healthcare through the provision, distribution and maintenance of emergency vehicles.
  • To foster local talent, through providing scholarships and employment opportunities for young people.
  • To support education projects which provide opportunities for literacy and self-improvement.
  • To facilitate the placement of skilled health & education volunteers with the aim of enhancing the capacity of local communities.

They are supporting Charity Rallies events to Mongolia, Tajikistan and to Middle America, that helps local comunities, and lifetime expirience to volunteers.

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