True desert with sank, that slowly fills all the spots in our car and with temperatures, that finally allows short sleeves and shorts. Dunes look like they would be painted there, in between grass and rocky mountains. Their tops are curved and shaped by wind. We are located in the district, called Khonghorian Els – Singing Dunes. And we are pussies all of a sudden – due to wet, muddy river we would have to cross, and only few days of our adventure left, we are not taking chances of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. We walk last kilometer to the dunes, and parked Ford is watching us. Next time, boy.

DSC_0160 DSC_0227 DSC_0191 DSC_0187 DSC_0174 IMG_2682 DSC_0222

A short walk is all of a sudden quite long, and we are greatfull we took water with us, when we finally reach this great sandbox. We get a beautiful view from atop the dune, and it’s remarkably solid. You wouldn’t think this whole formation can move for a metre in couple of days. The time stops and it’s getting hot. We take some sand and return to our car, and later on to Bayandalai settlement, where we drive back north. We choose different mountain passage and are amazed once more. We know we are overreacting today, but these rock formations are just spectacular.

19 17 IMG_2715

Our last goal in Gobi are The Flaming Cliffs – Bayanzag. They were named after american dinosaur explorer Roy Chapman Andrews and Hollywood creators designed a movie character Indiana Jones on his personality. We drive to one of the cliffs and park. Then we spend few hours wandering around, accompained by tourists (we counted 36 of them in the time we spent there). We notice four people digging in the shade, hoping to find some dinosaur remainings. This is the place most dinosaur remainings were found, and most were stolen or driven out of Mongolia.

IMG_2792 IMG_2790 IMG_2795 IMG_2760

We use this luxury location and drive into the canyon to camp there. We eat our dinner surrounded by dinosaurs and go to bed. We have neighbours in the camp, doing that same thing.

IMG_2812 IMG_3222


Bedroom with a view.

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