In the morning, we collect everything that we would take back home and once more wipe the front panel. We refill with last few drops of Slovenian diesel and drive towards the car wash facility. They take our keys and move the car, then wash the car and … key were gone. We wait for 20, then for 30 minutes and they are still looking for keys, taking all the time in the world. Well, we finally find the key and we leave the car-wash with no payment. Our negotiation skills really improved during this trip.

IMG_3857 IMG_3863

Here are photos of side stickers where all people, that we met along the way are signed. Well, almost everyone, we miss russian family from the desert.

Next, we meet ms. Bolorma Batbayar, a honorary Consul of Slovenia in Ulaan Baatar. We talk about possible connections (Slovenia is celebrating 20th Anniversary of connection with Mongolia), and about our journey and good cause behind this project. They are so grateful we came and did this, and they are completely unaware that we are the one that should be grateful. We take pictures with the car and then they invite us to have a business lunch in really great restaurant. We are eating noodles, that are prepared in front of you

IMG_3854 IMG_3839

Next stop is GO-HELP. We introduce to each other and it’s really a funny moment, because you know all those people from way back. We fill all documentation and sign the vehicle to GO-HELP. They tell us that out of 88 applications, only 26 of us managed to come to Mongolia. We feel privileged. 

IMG_3879 IMG_3880

Then Javzaa and CEO of GO-HELP takes us to near park, wher Mongolia Charity Rally’s Finish Line is based. We take pictures and receives trophies, custom made for us. We finished our rally as 17th out of 26 teams that made it to 2014. We made it, we did the Mongolia Charity Rally!

IMG_3976 IMG_3967 IMG_3948 IMG_3936 IMG_3933 IMG_3906 IMG_3904 IMG_3901

We go to have an early dinner and then we pack. And at 21:40 we find out we forgot to take licence plates with us. We have a flight scheduled at 08:00 in the morning, no-one answers the phone and the building in which GO-HELP is based in is opened for mere 20 minutes. Matej dresses up again and run through Ulaan Baatar, after 2 kilometers reaches Office and convince the guard that all he wants are licence plates. Mission accomplished, delta force over and out. He walks home like a boss. Personal victory, as we spend the rest of the night packing things in two small backpacks we will take back home.

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