Katja is currently based in Switzerland performing on a competition with her choir Carmen Manet. I wish you best of luck girls. Couple of weeks ago we applied to event hosted by car Avtomagazin Škoda Yeti 4×4 izziv, that was hosted by our partner Mamut 4×4. As every team should have a copilot, I chose my buddy Tomaž Bernik instead of Katja and together we drove towards Ivančna gorica today.

There were four challenges:
1) Driving on motocross track with Škoda Yeti 4×4, terrific experience, that car can really go downslope, do the tailie and so on.
2) Driving blind: Yes, they are basically put some black goggles on your eyes and you don't even have the feeling if you're driving or staying in place. All you have is your copilot you relly on and Tomaž did extremely great job instructing me down the slope and then backwards into a garage.
3) Measures of the car: You sit in the car and you have a bar set in 5 meter range and two cones at 10 meters. You have to set them all as acourate as possible, then you get a deduct of what the car measures really are.
4) Changing spare wheel: Easy, all bolts off, put the wheel down, back up and all bolts tightened.

How did we do? Well, we don't have official results just yet, but we handled the track very well, set best time driving blind among all 70 teams, we missed hieght of the car by a centimeter and missed width by 8. And we changed the spare in 57 seconds. Not bad at all, only 5 teams advance to grant final.

It was a wicked experience, we would like to congratulate team Mamut 4×4 once more for incredible day.

IMG_20140426_115800 IMG_20140426_115532 IMG_20140426_112807

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